Monday, February 18, 2013

Partial Products Method of Multiplying

Go to and then free resources. From there go to the algorithms in math, then 4th grade and multiplication. Last, go to partial products multiplication. This will show you a short video of how to complete this method.

Directions for Lattice Multiplication

Lattice Multiplication: Introduction to lattice multiplication

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


February 6th is digital learning day . . . . . I wonder who we could be skyping now?! 

science vocabulary words

Static Electricity

Static Electricity - a stationary electric charge that is built up on a material (or someone's hair!!)  We love SCIENCE!

Skyping Yellowstone National Park

On Jan. 25th the students participated in a skype with Yellowstone National Park.  The students were surprised when I told them that I had a skype planned, but it wasn't a mystery state skype!  Kara, the park ranger, was extremely energetic and very patient with the many questions that we had!  Prior to the skype we viewed the park using one of their webcams.  Students also read the brochure for the park and highlighted things they learned and questions that they had - all not knowing that they would be speaking to the Park Ranger in a matter of minutes!!